We organize the daily sourcing of various meat products and we take care of those from the production plant, until final destination.


Our missions and strengths :

  • Taking advantage of our many years of experience in the meat market.
  • Export from France and Germany direction Asia and Northern Europe.
  • Sourcing raw materials for human consumption, petfood and pharma.
  • Identifying new raw material solutions and developing new products.
  • Conducting quality and safety checks as well as relevant auditing.
  • Risk management – currency, debtor, finance, commercial and veterinary.
  • Handling optimal logistic solutions from our suppliers to our customers.
  • Controlling all paperwork and documentation in the supply chain.
  • Analysing and meeting customer and supplier needs in a dynamic market.
  • Assisting suppliers and customers to offset seasonal and market fluctuations.
  • Ensuring correct prices based on deep market insight and surveillance.
  • Providing full service for our partners throughout the whole value chain. ​